Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch Mean Girls 2 Full Movie Online

On January 23, 2011 ABC Family Channel premiered the new movie “Mean Girls 2, right after airing the original movie “Mean Girls” starring Lindsay Lohan. In the new sequel movie, Meaghan Martin plays the character Jo, who is a bit of a tomboy who is used to changing schools. So of course, Jo is the new girl at school this year, her last year in high school before college.
We’re introduced to the “plastics,” played by Claire Holt, Maiara Walsh and Nicole Anderson (from Disney Channel’s “JONAS L.A.”). And then we are introduced to quite the opposite character from the plastics, Abby, played by Jennifer Stone (from Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”).
We’re excited that Tim Meadows reprises his role as Principal Duvall in the movie!
Then we are introduced to all of the different stereotypes at school, so who will Jo decide to try to fit in with?
Here is a list of actors in “Mean Girls 2,”
- Jennifer Stone as Abby Hanover
- Meaghan Martin as Jo
- Diego Gonzalez Boneta as Tyler Adams
- Maiara Walsh as Mandi DuPont
- Nicole Gale Anderson as Hope
- Claire Holt as Chastity
- Linden Ashby as Rod Mitchell
- Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall
- Rhoda Griffis as Ilene
- Tatum Etheridge as Little Jo
- Patrick Johnson as Nick
- Amber Wallace as Violet
- Colin Dennard as Elliott Gold
- Edward Bryan as Police Officer
- Mike Pniewski as Mr. Giamatti
At home, Jo finds out that her father invested and lost her college funds, and she might not be able to attend Carnegie Mellon University – her dream school. Will Jo be able to rebound from this disappointment? We hope so!
We then find out that Jennifer Stone’s character Abby has lived next door to Maiara Walsh’s character Mandi since they were kids, and the two were on speaking terms, until Abby got the best parking spot in the lot at school – which is so not okay with Mandi! Mandi and her plastics decide to get help to ruin Abby’s life.
Not only does Abby get covered in food in the school cafeteria, but then her car gets paintballed. Jo offers Abby a ride home, only to see how nice a house she lives in. Her parents realize that they need to help Abby make friends and they think that Jo is the best person for the role. Abby’s father makes a deal with Jo to be friends with his daughter, and in exchange Jo gets the money she needs for college.
Uh oh. The plastics realize that all the guys at school think Jo is hot – so will they ask her to join their group, or will they try to make her life as horrible as possible? Looks like they want to invite her into the clique! Will she join them? So far that’s a negative, but we have a feeling things may change.
Jo decides to spend her time living up to her end of the bargain with Abby’s father. She keeps trying to spend time with Abby, which makes Mandi super upset. Now the plastics are after Jo!
Jo develops a crush on Tyler, played by Diego Gonzalez Boneta, who she sits next to her in class. But of course when Tyler asks Jo on a date Mandi finds out and she’s not a happy camper. Although, it turns out that Tyler’s friend set them up and recorded their conversation during the night to play for the entire school the next day. Uh oh.
Oh. Well now we find out that Tyler is Mandi’s step brother. This isn’t going to end well.
Mandi finds out that Jo and Tyler are the new hot couple in school. So what is she going to do now to sabotage this couple so that she and her BF can get back into the number one spot? The plastics end up ruining Jo’s fathers car by putting coffee and sugar into the gas tank. Oh, it’s officially on.
So far we’re liking this movie, but it doesn’t have as many memorable moments as the original “Mean Girls” movie. We love that a lot of the stars have ties to Disney, we love recognizing actors in movies from some of our favorite TV shows and movies! The plot is predictable, making it easy to follow, and the characters are all over-the-top and extremely interesting.
Now Mandi is throwing a huge party, and Jo decides to throw a party at the same time – uh oh!
Oh great. Everyone shows up to Jo and Abby’s party and everything is going fantastic, until the pizza they get delivered is poisoned by the plastics. Don’t worry they got Chinese food instead! Yum!
Jo is trying to win Homecoming Queen. She seems to be acting more and more like the plastics she hates. She gets more popular and starts ignoring the people who are most important to her.
Jo finds out she was accepted to the school of her dreams, but will she have Abby’s father pay for her tuition?
Nope. Jo returns the money to Abby’s father, but Abby ends up finding out about the deal. Jo loses all of her friends, her boyfriend, and her tuition money. Now what?
Jo was set up by Mandi and it looked like Jo stole the homecoming dance charity money. Jo decides to challenge Mandi to a powder puff football game. But will anybody be on Jo’s team?
Tyler finds out that Jo gave the money back to Abby’s father. Will this change his mind about his ex-GF?
All of Jo’s ex-friends come to her house to say they want to help her with the football game, even though they haven’t forgiven her yet.
Jo and her team win the football game while Mandi and her BF get taken away by the police for stealing the charity money. Everyone then attends the Homecoming dance – fun! So will Jo be named Homecoming Queen?
Eliott gets named Homecoming King while Abby wins Homecoming Queen! Aww, so cute!
Everything works out great for everyone, well, except for Mandi, who gets stuck with community service!
Did you tune in for “Mean Girls 2″? If so, be sure to let us know what your review of the movie is!
Get ready for “Mean Girls 2″ to arrive on DVD in February!

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